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Anestetic is Joao Trindade, born in 1982 in Portugal and currently residing in South Africa.

His first contact with electronic music was at the underground Lisbon techno scene back in 1998, after which his interest grew, resulting in his first performance as Anestetic in 2002 which was followed by gigs of ever-increasing regularity and status for promoters like Good Mood, Boom Festival, Utopia, Quest4Goa, Omnium, PsyArt, MoonBlast, Synergic Minds, Blissful, Sinergia Festival… you get the picture.

His DJ-passport includes stamps from Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria and South Africa - this last one being his adopted home after six tours performing for promoters like Alien Safari, Rezonance, Vortex, MMD, Disasterpeace, Beartrap… again, we're sure you get the picture.

One of the more experienced DJs playing in the trance world, today, he has previously released a compilation album, titled "Kartuxo", with the much-respected South African label, Timecode.


21 October 2017

Samaveda 10 Year Celebration

Aveiro Portugal

4 November 2017

Luminopolis PsyArt

Lisbon Portugal

26 to 28 January 2018

Origin Festival

Western Cape South Africa