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DELTA, aka Rui Pedro, hails from Lisbon, Portugal; growing up with an interest in the unusual, he naturally gravitated toward psyTrance events, which led to his first gigs as a DJ in 2002.

In more than a decade since, he has striven to improve and develop both his style and technicality, with a firm focus on improving musicality - an ethic that is evident in his refreshing performances.

All of the above notwithstanding, Delta is unashamed to admit that his favourite stomping ground is in the 146-bpm territories, with dominating rhythm sections in the form of hard bass lines and powerful kicks.

To date, some of his more memorable performances include Universo Paralelo (Brazil), Green Tripping Camp Fest, Moonblast, Quest4Goa, Nostradamus Summer Fest, Kinesis, Magical Tribe, Free Spirit and Utopia Official After Boom 2012.

Delta also had a tour in South Africa where he played for Vortex Trance Adventures and Groovy Troopers


11 January

Free World Production

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