One Foot Grove




Frostbite is Ricardo Estanislau (Valac) and Miguel Letria (Unretro), both from Lisbon, Portugal. Combining extensive musical knowledge and technical experience, these two friends decided to join forces to bring you a refreshing interpretation of psyTrance. Their sets are strongly inspired by true psychedelic elements and they do everything they can to remain true to the genre.

Influenced by artists such as Avalon, Tristan, Ace Ventura, Loud & Zen Mechanics, they will take you on a musical ride, ranging from the slower, melodic progressive grooves to the more intense psychedelic tunes.

Having just begun their journey, this duo has already shared stages with some of the most respected acts like as Talamasca, Symphonix and Ex-Gen, as well as many of Portugal's most-beloved artists. With a promising start, and recent inclusion on the DJ roster of the South African label One Foot Groove, Frostbite is just getting started with their journey, and we're happy to watch them take off.


4 October 2017


Lisbon Portugal

4 November 2017

Luminopolis By PsyArt

Lisbon Portugal