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Hypnosis is Alfredo Leite Portuguese national born in 1984.

Fredo as most of his friends call him as been around the Portuguese trance scene for several years now performing on countless outdoor and indoor events, adding experience to his own natural talent. His trade mark set will be groovy, mental with intense basslines.

You´ll see what we mean when you see him perform.


25 April

Celebrate Your Freedom by Samaveda

9 May 2015

Drop Celebration, Space Music Drops B Day

15 May

Mental Revolution II

16 May

Taurus Invictus

23 May

5 Years Of Karma

8 August

Boivão the Ritual

22 August

Special Cosmic Change III

12 September

Aldeia Magica

19 September

Cosmic Age II

3 October

The Words of P.E.A.C.E

7 November

Blizzhard B Day Celebration