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Meta - known to his family as John Swart - hails from South Africa and currently lives in the student town of Stellenbosch. An avid psyTrance audience member since 2000, his interest in electronica led to his foray into DJing breaks, D'n'B and techno, but always with his eyes set on the goal of mixing psyTrance, which was finally realized with Linedown's debut performance in March 2012.

In his own words, he strives to "incorporate smashing bass lines and melodic interludes - with some funky twists." With that kind of a description, it's easy to guess that he has a wide range of influences, including Bruce, Anestetic, Delta and Jester as DJs, with his favourite producers including Bliss, CPU, Painkiller, Noisenomalie and Solar Axis.


15 May

Mental Revolution by Incognita Prod

Cascata Club Coimbra Portugal

23 May

5 Years Of Karma

Swing Club Porto Portugal