One Foot Grove




A psyTrance DJ since 2004, Sonic has graced the decks at numerous events around South Africa, most notably playing for promoters like Alien Safari, Vortex, Groovy Troopers, MMD, Village, Fu-Cha, Teknotribe and Beartrap.

Originally a drummer for various metal, hardcore and grindcore bands, Sonic adopted psyTrance beats with ease, playing anything from Full On to Progressive, anything he thinks has "a great groove".

Influenced by producers from Nexus Media, Timecode, Alchemy, Nano 3D Vision, Nutek and One Foot Groove, he has DJed alongside the finest from around the world. He also has an electro breaks project on the side called PoInT BlAnK and an electro swing act called Spellmann III.


20 Janurary

M.M.D Productions

Western Cape South Africa

25 January

Astral Afrika

Gwaing River Eastern Cape South Africa

11 May

Afriscot Flutterwacken Boogie Vol 3

South Africa