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Aggitated is the collaborative project of Dylan Reeves and Jaco K├Ânig, the guys behind NoiseAnomalie and Kut 'n' Paste. Having been involved in their solo projects for a few years, the two decided to combine their efforts to form a creative outlet that provided each of them with an opportunity to expand their musical efforts in new directions.

Having released their first EP, Contra-Addiction, the two continued to hone their live performances over the past few years and have developed a reputation for hard, driving music tempered by an inherent musicality.

With each of the artists engaged in their solo releases, they have yet to release a full-length album as a pair, but have - through their live performances - garnered a faithful following that establishes them as one of the more popular acts of the Cape Town scene.


1 December

Altered States Sun Spot Activity

Out Door Event in Western Cape