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Haxirai is a Portuguese solo project created by Pedro Rosário., who started to play piano at the age of 8, moving on to drums at 13 and refusing to stop.

Pedro gained musical experience by involving himself with various projects and albums with acts such as Lovdxit (hardcore band), Hijack (reggae/ska) and Tara Perdida (punk rock). It was in 2000, after attending that year's Boom Festival, that Pedro decided to try his hand at producing trance music, joining efforts with Paulo Santos in 2001 - creating Clockwise - one of Portugal's first trance projects.

After producing music for six years, Pedro decided to embark on another musical journey, merging his past experience as a drummer with his more recent skill-set of electronic music production, and Haxirai was born. Having performed in various countries like Brazil (Universo Paralello, Groove4Nation, Tripping, etc.), Portugal (freeflow-festival, Good Trance,..) ,Spain (Psyseed), South Africa ( Alien Safari-Rezonance festival..) , (Irland-ptconnection),he has received great reviews on both his music and his live performances (take a look at the linked videos to get an idea). Joining One Foot Groove Europe in 2009, he has several compilations and one album (Pneumatic Orgasm) realesed, and next album soon.



Pneumatic Orgasm

Pneumatic Orgasm was a legend in One Foot Groove refreshing good music and beats



18 to 21 August

Free Flow Festival

Free Flow Festival is a project created by Zaraus, one of the best and most well organized free Festival in Portugal, located in a beutifull venue in Algarve. More inforamtions on Free Flow soon.

11 November

T.A.H productions Portugal

3 December

Future Vision 2