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Born in Portugal in the spring of 1979, Filipe Dias started his journey into understanding music at the age of five, and proceeded to develop an intense interest in piano, guitar, the flute, percussion and singing.

With this musical mindset, he ventured into the landscape of electronic music at the age of 16 and, finding his niche, he brought his experience to bear in his new creative project, Synthom, experience that was molded by his working with digital technology and synthesizers.

Still fascinated, to this day, with the creative process as well as the potential of music to deliver both power and subtlety, a brief listen makes it clear that his music is not for a lazy Sunday afternoon - typical old school, unapologetic bass lines, going on here…


15 November

Acqua Chic Club

Leiria Portugal

30 November

Full Power On Events

The essence of Light, Porto, Portugal

14 December

Private Bday Event

Alcobaça Portugal

12 April

Private Bday Event

Alcobaça, Portugal

3 May to 9 May

Cokabana Teknival

Parvati Valley India