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Tiago Coelho Pimentel has a connection with music since his childhood. The first contact was with classical music, but it would be the power of electronic music that would influence his artistic culture at psychedelic parties. Discovering trance lead Tryambaka to producing intense sounds marked by a nocturnal and unique style. Since then the challenge is at his finger tips, adopting one of the many names given to the Hindu god Shiva meaning the one who sees thru the third eye, a vision that promotes union such as the music he represents. Tryambaka is one of the most international Portuguese Trance Producers and has had the privilege to perform all over the world.



Tryambaka - Replenishing Roots

A collection of remixes from artists all around the world, the album is Tryambaka's way of recognising the steller work done over the past few years by other acts. While the character of the original tracks is still present, Tryambaka has given each of them his own flavour, making this album undeniably Tryambaka, and undeniably psyTrance.


21 November

Astrologic Party

Cartaxo Portugal

5 December

Emotions Space Music Drops

Vagos Portugal

31 December

New Psycle 2015 - 2016

New South Wales Australia

8 January

Replicant Fool Proof Pandora

Melbourne Australia

19 February

Galaxy Evolution

Goa India